My services include both a comprehensive package as well as an hourly rate. These encompass, but are not limited to:

Personal Review and Assessment
Get to know you well including your interests, personality, goals, accomplishments, test scores, and more to ensure I provide you personalized services that fit your unique needs.

Choosing Where Best To Apply
Help you choose the best fit schools based on your profile, test scores, interests, goals, and family and cost considerations.

Essays, Personal Statements, and Short Answers
Teach you how admissions staff will evaluate your writing, work with you to develop your ideas and topics, and edit your work to bring out the best in your writing.

Activity Sheet and Supplemental Materials
Work with you to develop an activity sheet and supplemental materials that will best reflect your talents and achievements and help you stand out.

Letters of Recommendation
Guide you on who is best to ask for your recommendations and how to get the strongest recommendations.  Provide writing and editing support as needed.

Interview Preparation
Train you on effective admissions interviewing skills, help you develop your "elevator pitch," and conduct practice interviews to prepare you for success.

Overall Application Support
Ensure your and your parents' needs are fully met, everything is completed on time, and everything you submit to each college represents the best of who you are.