If you would like to go to college or attend graduate school in the United States and Canada, but are overwhelmed or confused by the admissions process, I can help you.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, my goal is to provide a student-centered approach to college admissions counseling that is often hard to find here. I can counsel you in person, or remotely via Skype or Google Chat.

What do I mean by a student-centered approach? I get to know you, the student: your goals, skills, interests, learning style, and personality. Then, I recommend schools that are a good fit for you, provide guidance as you prepare your college applications, get yourself ready to succeed in college.

I believe the college admissions process should be a positive experience of self-discovery. Through self-awareness, you can find the best schools for you, one that:
  • you can get admitted to
  • you can afford financially
  • you can succeed at academically
  • you can be happy at socially
  • meets your needs and goals
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